Artists’ mini street-level protests speak volumes

By Caleb Spencer in Arts

TWO artists have created a series of “tiny protests” in Aberystwyth in the hope of inspiring a “mini-movement”.

Using colourful plastic characters and mini placards and banners, artists Joanna Bond and Stuart Hampton created ‘Tiny protest’.

The idea came from conversations between Joanna and Stuart who were both inspired by the ‘hippie dream’ of peace, love and harmony.

They said that because time can be hard to manage and there is often lots to do, finding time to organise and take part in a protest to express the need for peace, love and harmony can be difficult.

So Joanna and Stuart thought that they could do it in miniature, and are hoping it might inspire others who feel the same way to make their own mini-protests and maybe even inspire a mini-movement.

The first installation of ‘Tiny protest’ was created in Aberystwyth town centre, and has already attracted the attention of locals, with some even deciding to make tiny protests of their own.

Joanna and Stuart said: “We hope it will inspire creativity, peace and love in the world and also help them achieve their wider vision to create a modern day hippie community as part of a project known as the Freeriver Community project.”

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