17-year-old carer urges others to seek help

By Chris Betteley in Local People

A 17-YEAR-OLD Aberystwyth school pupil has said that “nobody should be ashamed” of being a young carer,

Katie Boake, who attends Ysgol Penweddig, has spoken about her experiences as a daughter looking after her dad - as a town group donate cash to take young carers in the county on much-needed holidays.

Katie’s dad contracted Spanish flu in 1988 before developing ME which meant he would often lose balance.

“I’ve always been a young carer but as I’ve got older my roles became bigger,” Katie said.

“My care started as making cups of tea and taking him stuff.

“Now, in the last couple of years, I do his medicine, make food for the whole family and clean.

“When I was younger, we couldn’t plan ahead because we didn’t know how my dad was going to be so we’ve never left the UK with my family.

“I hear about other people going abroad and it’s quite upsetting knowing you can’t go away to a different country.”

Katie said that she first came into contact with the Ceredigion Young Carers service when she was 11 or 12, and they have been “so much help”.

“They have taken me to places I wouldn’t have been able to go with my parents,” she said.

“I’ve met other people like me who understand and who have become my friends. They’re so understanding.

“They just give you a good time out when you need it and you can talk to them about anything as its confidential.

“They’re available all the time which is incredibly important.”

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