Coleg Ceredigion employee accused of ‘inappropriate’ comments

By Caleb Spencer in Education

A FORMER member of teaching staff at Coleg Ceredigion will appear before a disciplinary committee this week accused of “inappropriate” communications with students.

The college employee, Nancy Jenkins, who no longer works at the college, will face allegations of ‘unacceptable professional conduct’ when she attends an Education Workforce Council fitness to practice committee in the Village St David’s Hotel, Ewloe, Flintshire, on Thursday and Friday this week.

Ms Jenkins is accused of engaging in inappropriate communication and using inappropriate language with learners, in person and via the mobile phone messaging service WhatsApp, between 2014 and 2016.

In the communications, Ms Jenkins is accused of using words to the effect of: “give me some f*****g energy”; “it’s so annoying that you’re so quiet; project your voice”; “Fred the Shred! What the f**k!”; and “my partner is refusing to come and see this after what I have told him about the way you treat me. He says he doesn’t feel as though he will be able to control his thoughts when watching you”.

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Marc · 19 days ago · Report

This is pire bullshit in ny opinion! I studied under this persons guidance and she brought the best out in the group! She may have been hot headed at times but she always got her students where they needed to be! And above all that she actually cared about us!

Hannah · 19 days ago · Report

Nancy always went above and beyond to make sure all my educational and emotional needs were met. It was thanks to her consistent support and care for her students that I finished my course with such high grades.

Hannah · 19 days ago · Report

Describing Nancys behaviour and language as inappropriate is reductive to the context of the college environment and the conversation! Since GCSE I haven't been taught by a teacher who hasn't sworn. There are many teachers at the college who could be considered inappropriate; staff who regularly upset or aggravated students through personal attacks. How are they fulfilling their role in protecting the personal and emotional wellbeing of students?

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