Plans for memorial to early 20th century sea disaster

By Mike Lewis in Other News

ABERPORTH councillors are looking into the possibility of erecting a memorial to the biggest sea disaster off the village in the last century.

The Liverpool steamer SS Sutton – on a trip from Aberystwyth to Antwerp – foundered when its cargo of iron ore shifted in a fierce gale on the night of 27 November 1925, with the loss of all 12 hands on board.

Among the dozen casualties were the ship’s captain, William Terretta, and his wife and young daughter who had decided to accompany him at the last minute so they could go Christmas shopping in the Belgian port.

A board of inquiry subsequently found that the coastguard lookout system along the coast was inadequate and recommended that distress rockets should be carried on all vessels.

The fishermen of Aberporth also held a public meeting at which they expressed their regret at “being safely tucked up in our beds whilst our fellow mariners were fighting for their lives a mile or so away”.

Now, Aberporth Community Council are debating whether an interpretation board could be placed on the Welsh Coast Path above Traeth Gwrddon, near Parcllyn, overlooking the Sutton’s watery grave.

They are to approach the landowners to see if such a memorial can be put in place before the centenary of the tragedy.

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